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Last modified on 05/29/2020

Pictures and helpful troubleshooting info of the fleet of hotspots owned by TTSD.

HotSpot Models

Coverage Maps


Hotspot Models

Mobile citizen we have quite a few different models. They all have unlimited data. I believed they are all Sprint devices, so if someone has known bad sprint coverage, could be an issue at their house.

1. We have the Zing, power button shown below. Easy to read readout, pretty self explanatory.


2. We have the ZTE MF9755, also easy readout, pretty self explanatory.

3. We have the Spring R910  Same, pretty easy to use.

4. We have the R850 ,  readout more basic, but shows connection, battery, etc.

5. And finally, the new one, we have 2 of, but may be purchasing more is the MiFi8000, also easy to read and use.

One thing to note on the MiFi is that it requires a usb-c power plug.


Now we have the Kajeets. The Kajeet T41 is the model. It only has 200mb per day allowed and only certain websites, I don't think Youtube is allowed for example. The power button is on the top, the left half, it is a toggle switch. The actual power off/on is on the far left of the tiggle switch. It has a power icon. No led readout, what you see on the front is it. Shows connectivity bars, battery, etc. It is discontinued, I believe, so I couldn't find much documentation on it yet. There is a how to video for this device published by Kajeet, but has them open the back to get password, so I worried about that. We put a sticker on it with password.

The new Kajeet we received last week, 200 of them, I was told is model 700, but couldn't find any documentation on it, the pictures Susan sent the other day to us, looks like the 800, so using that picture. I personally haven't seen one of the new ones, so not sure.....hopefully this photo is correct. These have a 500mb limit per day.

Here is a link to the quick start guide for the 800. Assuming, again, that it is the same.   And Spanish version   

How to video, if it is any help to you....

Some basic troubleshooting on sprint website, we know, but families may not:


What can I do to maximize my Internet speed?

  • Be sure that your hotspot has good signal strength.
  • Minimize the number of obstructions (such as walls, doors, and metal surfaces) between your hotspot and connected devices.
  • Disconnect any devices that you aren't using right now. The more devices that you connect to your hotspot, the slower the potential browsing speed


HotSpot Coverage Maps:







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