Opening RTF files on Chromebooks in Canvas

Last modified on 09/16/2020

This article will walk students through how to save an RTF file and then open it in Google Drive.

Saving & Editing RTF Files from Canvas

(Example above the Biology Notebook file "01.01 Exploring Life Biology Notebook" is an RTF file)

Step by Step

  1. Click the RTF file link to download.  (TTSD student Chromebooks save directly to the student's Google Drive)    
  2. Click "Google Drive" in the Canvas course navigation menu.             
  3. Authorize Google Drive, if necessary (otherwise skip to step 4)
    1. Click "Authorize"
    2. Log in with TTSD Student Google account
    3. Click "Allow"           
  4. The RTF file will be listed at the top (most recent file).  Click Open.  
  5. Click "Open in Google Drive" (from the top of the window)
  6. The file will now be opened & saved with the same name in Google Drive.




You now have a personal and editable copy of the RTF file in your Google Drive.  






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