Using Markup built-in tool on iPad to annotate text on Canvas content

Last modified on 09/30/2020

Rather than print out assignments from Canvas, users can use the Markup built-in tool on the iPad to annotate text to the assignment directly. An added benefit is the PDF gets saved to Google Drive rather than as a photo on the iPad.

1. With your Canvas content opens, scroll to the top and tap on the Sharrow tool (a square with the arrow points up).


2. Select "Markup." You may need to swipe up to see it.


3. Click the Pencil at the top right corner to enable edit mode. Also, check if you have the pencil icon at the bottom left corner. If so, click on it and select the pencil when the menu expands.


4. Annotate with text on the document.


5. Click "Done" and then "Save File To..." to save your new document.

6. We recommend that you save your document directly to the Google Drive by entering a name for your document and selecting a location to save the file to your Google Drive.


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