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Canvas: Active su cuenta para padres   All
Cuenta para padres o "observer"

Canvas: Password Reset For Parent "Observer"   All
How to request a password reset to your auto-created parent "observer" user account in Canvas.

Canvas: Elementary Students & Qtr 1 Academic Feedback Form   All
How to access elementary Academic feedback form for Quarter 1 in Canvas.

Forwarding Canvas Observer Notifications   All
If you have a need to forward Canvas communications from parents to another adult caring for your child during the day, please use the following steps to identify the correct email and forward it based on your home email provider/application settings

Canvas Notifications   All
Overview of notification settings for students and observers in Canvas.

Using Markup built-in tool on iPad to annotate text on Canvas content   All
Rather than print out assignments from Canvas, users can use the Markup built-in tool on the iPad to annotate text to the assignment directly. An added benefit is the PDF gets saved to Google Drive rather than as a photo on the iPad.

Opening RTF files on Chromebooks in Canvas   All
This article will walk students through how to save an RTF file and then open it in Google Drive.

Disabling/Enabling notifications on Canvas Parent App   All
How to disable/enable notifications or emails on Canvas Parent App

No Canvas "Student" App on your iPad? Try this....   Parents
For students who are not seeing Canvas Student on their TTSD iPads

How to log into Canvas for Students (Chromebook)   All
The following is a short video on how to log into TTSD Canvas platform for High School students using Chromebooks.

Cómo conectarse en la aplicación de Canvas para estudiantes   All
Cómo conectarse en la aplicación de Canvas para estudiantes

How to log into Canvas for Students (iPad)   All
Instructions for students on how to log in

Using Kami to edit PDFs   All
Kami extension for Chrome allows users to edit PDFs in a variety of ways and save to the user's Google Drive folder.

Canvas Guides / Guías en Español   Parents
Please see links below to your Canvas guide needs. Guías en Español

Canvas Student App   Parents
This video provides and overview of using the Canvas Student App

Canvas Overview for Students   Parents
This video will provide you an overview of Canvas for students.

Canvas Overview for Observers / Families   Parents
Video tutorial for using Canvas for Families

Subscribe to your Canvas Calendar feed using Google Calendar   All
This article will walk you through how to view your Canvas Calendar (assignments, discussion dates, etc.) in your Google Calendar

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